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Behavioral Finance

Behavioral Finance

According to conventional financial theory, the world and its participants are, for the most part, rational "wealth maximizers". However, there are many instances where...
Beware of Economic Predictions!

Beware of Economic Predictions!

Predictions Are Easy to Make but Extremely Difficult to Fulfill! Take economic forecasts... Several hundred economists, top banks and brokerage companies routinely attempt...
Fundamentals of Economics.

Fundamentals of Economics

If you asked all economists a simple question, they would never reach to a conclusion. But there are some fundamentals on which virtually all...
Ponzi Illegal Pyramid Schemes

Investors and Ponzi Illegal Pyramid Schemes

Ponzi schemes are a type of illegal pyramid scheme named for Charles Ponzi, a dapper 37-year-old Italian immigrant, who duped thousands of New England...


We use mortgages to buy real estate without paying the entire purchase price up front. The borrower repays the loan plus interest over a specified...