Advice on Taking … Investment Advice!

Advice on Taking Advice
Advice on Taking Advice

“He who doubts nothing … Knows Nothing!”
Greek Proverb

Over the last few years there has been a proliferation of financial products and providers!

Thousands of banks, insurers, credit card companies, mutual funds, brokers, newsletter publishers … and each and everyone always claims to have a solution to your financial needs!

Be cautious of accepting advice from people you don’t know. Don’t believe everything you see online …

People often disguise their motives!

And even if the opinions and advice are well-intentioned, they may not be accurate or worthwhile.

All information and advice you receive is not of equal reliability or utility.

In general, when deciding what information and opinions (sometimes a vaguely defined line separates the two) to rely on, listen to what everyone has to say, both what they recommend and why.

Make a mental note of the recommendation and later check how they did.

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Investigate an individual or organization more thoroughly by performing a search.

Letting someone else make your decisions for you does not free you from responsibility.

Knowledge Is Power and …

Your Best Defence!

Get a Second Opinion …

A Third Opinion and why not …

A Fourth Opinion!