Buy and Sell Stock … at Exactly the Wrong Time!

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Do you usually say something like this, “Why do stocks always seem to go down whenever I buy them”?

Well… You are not alone!

The majority of the investors can’t help but buy at the very top and sell at the exact bottom.

Actually, they usually “feel compelled” to buy and sell at exactly the wrong time!

Most people want to “feel good” for their investing decisions and try to wait until they “feel good” to take action.

Unfortunately, that means waiting until almost everything – stocks, the economy, news in general and etc – looks so good, they usually begin to fear being left behind… losing the train… losing the profits!

By that time, “the smart institutional money” is getting out, taking their profits off the table and …

They’re just glad to have all the new buyers willing to come in and buy their inflated shares at those new high prices!

On the other hand, when do most investors sell?

Most people begin to “feel bad” after the stock they’ve purchased begins losing money.

In most instances, they’ll continue to hold on to the stock anyway, hoping things will get better!

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Hope is not a good strategy!

When investors finally get to the point where they can’t stand the losses anymore, they swallow hard and start selling.

That’s right!

Weaker hands sell right near the bottom of a move, right into the hands of the big money players who have been just waiting for their capitulation!

So what can you do about it?