The Stock Market’s Up … The Market’s Down!

stock market up or down1

The stock market’s up.

The market’s down …

What’s an investor to do?

Here at “Haramis HQ,” we don’t pay much attention to day-to-day fluctuations in the stock market. With our long-term perspective, we know that the market can move up and down in the short term, sometimes quite significantly!

We also know that the market has an overwhelming tendency to increase greatly over the long-term, and so we tend not to pay attention to short term “blips” in the stock market.

We expect the market to drop sometimes, just as we expect it to rise most of the other times. We know that sometimes the market can fall — and fall hard.

So please forgive us if we don’t seem to be worried about the future of the stock market — around here, we don’t check our portfolios several times a day.

With our focus firmly on the next five or ten years (rather than the next five or ten minutes), we sleep pretty soundly at night, too!

If your portfolio gives you heartburn when the market starts to gyrate wildly …

Perhaps it’s time to take another look at your investing strategy!