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It is true that everyone who is involved in the financial arenas, each and every day is in a “new season” …

A new season where winners or losers are declared at the closing bell!

In order to play “this game,” one has to adjust his/her thinking and that more often than not it means abandoning a “game plan” that is focused on long-term success, safety and balance!

To get back on track, investors must ignore the “loud voices” and stick to realistic long-term planning!

This means more criticism and less income from stock options.

It also means that analysts will have to focus on picking winners within a longer-term perspective.

The dilemma for the individual investor is to understand that the stock market is not a slot machine.

He/she will also have to understand that he/she will have to pay for research and understand that an investment is not a house that becomes a castle over night!

The word “investing” has always had long-term implications and that is the way it will have to be. Sure, there will be those that want to trade for the quick buck and that is just fine.

However, determining whether a market position is a win or loss after only i.e. several hours, is a more than certain way to ultimately become a loser!

Thus, many “investors” who become undisciplined, quick-buck artists, who do not depend on accurate analysis and research, they all end-up paying the price!

I do not think we will ever buy and hold forever and ever and ever …

But, by the same token …

I do not think that we can trade stocks the same way we roll the dice!