The Investor Pact!

investor pact

Risk is the price I must pay for opportunity!

I don’t want to lose, but the capital I have invested is risk capital that I don’t need to live on and wouldn’t in any way change my style of living if I did lose.

I understand that the past is not a guarantee of the future.

Even so, I believe that over time my investment should do well because the investment I have chosen has an excellent performance record, and has demonstrated recovery from every drawdown to achieve new highs!

Being human, I realize that my investment will have losing as well as winning periods. This is part of speculation.

I will not lose confidence or fall prey to my emotions during drawdown periods!

I will stay tough and hang in there!

I will have patience!


I will try to alleviate the anxiety, second guessing, and loss of confidence associated with drawdown periods.

I understand that investments do experience returns greater than savings …

Nevertheless, the risk of loss exists and past results are not necessarily indicative of future results!