Stocks Supply and Demand?


Most of us have a knowledge of economics or finance in some shape or form. When the supply of a certain good or commodity is scarce, the price normally goes up so supply can increase to meet the demand.

When we see a commodity in great scarcity based on fundamental supply and demand data, but where the price has not moved up to reflect this, we do know for certain, that some “powerful interests” are at work trying to control or manipulate the price!

We also know that those interests are living on borrowed time!

Sooner or later, all existing supplies will be used up and the price correction when it comes …

Will take the shape of a tremendous explosive form!

The laws of supply and demand may be bent for a while …

But they cannot be bent forever!!!

Sometimew exactly this situation exists in the markets and prices are in their very lows.

They have not sparked yet because of “deliberate price manipulation” and also because most ordinary people have a lack of detailed knowledge about the real potential for these markets and their “psychology is very low.”

It is hard to blame the simple man in the street for his lack of information. Media analysts are not helpful on this.

They are typically too much influenced by big name companies desperate to maintain their stock value.


The government won’t come clean either …

It might just spark a shift in wealth so great …

It’s scary!

What would be the consequences of such a shift? The powerful interests that have been manipulating these markets stand to lose billions!

The big winners will be those who will have the foresight to invest in exactly the same specific underpriced markets.

The point is although so few know about this opportunity it is for real …

Get in now before it’s too late!