Stocks, Investing and Casino Chips

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Do you prefer to see investing in stocks as ownership stakes in real businesses, or as casino chips?

What is there to talk about when investors make “Beating the Street” their over all goal?

Sometimes I do really wonder how many more “Fraud Headlines” we need in order to convince investors that this isn’t a true constructive situation!

But there’s something else we can do that can always help our pockets right here and right now!

We can simply ignore the “Casino Chips!”

We can select stocks that are really good not just on their latest headlines, but on their entire plethora of fundamental considerations that underlies prudent investing!

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Contrarian opportunities, is an especially aggressive way to thumb our nose at the casino crowd.

We must not merely ignore this noise. We must listen to the noise and actively seek the very shares that casino-goers are most anxious to escape from.

There is money to be made by thumbing our nose at the “Headlines Crowd!”