Stock Markets and Accepting Losses

stockmarket losses

The markets do not know you… Period!

You do not exist to them in any other form than as the other side of a transaction.

They do not care if it is your last cent, and your kids will not have milk, and on, and on.

Markets need losers so they can make money in this zero-minus-sum game.

But please …

Do remember that taking an acceptable risk reward ratio position and being wrong is not losing!

Whether you win or lose, you should always strive to remain at a comfortable emotional state.

Building a proper plan is enormously helpful in getting you to do just that!

Many people know what to do; yet very few are able to do what they know!


It is the rules that force one to take the proper actions.

Losers often think that the rules are made for others. Think that they are not for you?

Think again!

Fight the rules and you will have a very short career!