Advice for New Investors

Advice for New Investors
Advice for New Investors

Investing is just one aspect of personal finance.

People often seem to have the itch to try their hand at investing before they get the rest of their act together.

This Is a Big Mistake!

For this reason, it’s a good idea for “new investors” to hit the library and read maybe three different overall guides to personal finance — three for different perspectives, and because common themes will emerge sice repetition implies authority!

Personal finance issues include making a budget, sticking to a budget, saving money towards major purchases or retirement, managing debt appropriately, insuring your property, etc.

Many “beginning investors” have no business investing in stocks!

Only after learning about personal finance they should explore particular investments.

If someone needs to unload some cash in the meantime, they should put it in a money market fund, or yes, even a bank account, until they complete their basic training.

What should young people invest in?

Invest your time before you invest your money and…

Test your strategy before you risk your money!