Sell Stocks and Always Take Part of Your Profits

Increase Profits Content
Increase Profits Content

One of the most useful strategies is to learn how to sell stocks like a professional.

It’s easy to buy stocks, but getting out is what separates the amateurs from the pros!

Those who try to grab the bottom or top of a price are going to lose in the long run.

It is investors who either buy or sell in the middle who will ultimately end up ahead.

There are a lot of experts who say that you will never get poor by taking profits…

No, you will definitetely never get poor…

But, neither you will ever get rich by taking a 2% profit in a bull market!

There are two problems with selling that haunt all investors:

First, if you hold out for a better price, there is a chance your gains can go back to even or you could run your gain into a loss.

.And just as annoying is when you sell stocks for a quick gain only to watch it shoot up like a rocket.

You can frequently miss the really big gains or get into a loss situation as a result of selling or not selling.

This will always keep you perpetually confused and constantly frustrated.

Stock at new highs has much more of an open running field because no one ahead of you is at a loss and wants to get out at the first opportunity.

Stocks and Profit

Everybody has a profit…

Everybody is happy…

Now, this is the perfect time to be better prepared than competition and be ready to sell!

Once a stock you own rises by 15% or more, it is foolish not to pull at least some part of your profits off the table!

This really boils down to good old common sense.

Stocks usually have a tendency to advance 15% to 25%, then decline before they take off again…

If they are ever going to take off again at all!

Many of us have witnessed several of our stock selections rise 15% or more over a period of several days.

You have to be disciplined enough to take at least part of your profits at this resistance point.

If you follow this reasonable profit objective, you will make a nice profit and…

Definately never lose any money!