With a staggering number of stocks posting tremendous gains and/or losses...

“…a notable example of the mad and fond curiositie of our nature, amusing it selfe to preoccupate future things, as if it had not enough to doe to digest the present.”
Michel De Montaigne (1533 – 1592)
Of Prognostications

With a staggering number of stocks posting tremendous gains and/or losses over the last years, it was beginning to look extremely easy to be able to make a fortune!

Of course, throw in several dives here and a few really short haircuts there, and the next thing you know… Your convictions are severely shaken… Not stirred!

There are a lot of people these days “playing” the stock markets. It can be fun, exhilarating and sometimes, it’s almost intoxicating!

But, it’s not a game! Investigate your investments, define your goals and objectives, and invest your money instead of just “playing” with it!

bookcover 6th editionThe purpose of this book is to provide all the necessary information so that you can acquire new skills and expand your knowledge, in order to accomplish profitable investments in the stock market!

If you were wondering if the good times were over and you missed them…

Think again!

It’s time for a serious, profitable perspective that only comes from knowledge!

The intention of this book is to not only provide advice on investments for beginners, but also aims to offer fresh ideas for experienced investors.

It includes advice ranging from the best investments for young people, to how to find a stockbroker.

Coupled with such advice, it offers a comprehensive outline of many major terms and important phrases that the reader woold need to be familiar with upon their embarkation into investment.

This book does not claim to give tips on particolar investments, but rather aims to provide the reader with the broad, general advice necessary to be translated into stock market success.

The logical and straightforward way in which this book is both written and organized woold enable the reader to follow the route of the advice and argument easily.

Several techniques are also been employed in this book in order to ensure that attention is maintained throughout, including the use of catch phrases and rhetorical questions.

In addition, the author combines objective information with personal recollections and “revelations,” which woold have the effect of the reader being able to relate more effectively to him, and therefore to the advice that he is offering.