Investments and Freedom!

investing freedom

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply!
Willing is not enough; we must do!”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)

Somehow, too many people have come to believe that successful investing is easy and painless. The truth is, it’s neither!

If you’re unwilling to keep going in the face of repeated setbacks and frustrations, you’ll never make it! If you want to be in the game only when it’s easy, only when it’s fun and only when you are winning, and if you aren’t willing to endure some pain, you e not likely to be able to reach the final triumph!

In the end, the final score is what really matters to investors!

At the end of a lifetime of investing, or when you are ready to kick back and retire, what matters is how much you have in assets! You either have what you need, or you don’t!

By arriving at the end of our long way journey to the financial self-reliance, we wish you success and financial security!

By now you should know how to make your own decisions or know what questions to ask, where to go look for information and how to interpret the information and get the wheat out of the chaff!

Let us now conclude our efforts and consider the following:

Many people think that money creates greed and does not buy happiness. A little greed is good, we just have to keep it all in context and think about it as a desire for freedom! The key is to appreciate what you already have and what you are trying to accomplish.

Money does not buy friends. Face it, people will become envious of you. Supposed friends will not understand your new way of life and be jealous. These people were not friends to begin with. They are critics that are not willing to work hard and sacrifice!

A whole world is out there, don’t be held back with the losers! Get out and meet new people that are winners with the same ideals and goals.

Life in itself is a wonderful thing. Take the time to smell the roses! Set realistic goals and attain them through knowledge and new ways of thinking!

Search out the level of financial wealth that will make you comfortable and happy!