Investing and Viatical Settlements

Investing and Viatical Settlements
Viatical Settlements or "Death Bonds" have a secured safety of principle...

Viatical Settlements are contracts representing an instrument of purchase that allow conservative investors to “Have their cake and eat it too!”

Viatical Settlements or “Death Bonds” have a secured safety of principle and do provide secured fixed returns.

All parties of Viatical Settlements are winners:

The INVESTOR (Purchaser), the VIATICAL COMPANY and most of all the VIATORS, who are terminally ill and who now can have access to their life insurance benefits “UP FRONT.”

The Viators who purchased and paid for their life insurance policies are now able to live out what life they have left with dignity and control over their assets, the very cornerstone of a free market economy.

Can you imagine knowing you have less than 1, 2, 3, 4, or even 5 years to live and having no way of affording to live it with dignity?

This is what many terminally ill patients face every day. For too many, their last days are a living nightmare.

Viatical Settlements neither end their suffering nor cure their disease. On the other hand they can relieve some of their financial burdens by accelerating payment of their life insurance benefits through the use of Viatical Settlements.

Humanitarian efforts for the terminally ill are so desperately needed today.

Over 30% of the people who have illnesses causing early death, lose their homes in foreclosure due to the heavy financial burdens of their illnesses.

Over 90% of the life insurance policies held by the terminally ill actually fall into lapse because they cannot make the payments to keep the policy in force, losing all value to the ill person and their family.

With the Viatical Settlement the policy is guaranteed to be maintained as current with all premiums paid up to the death of the Viator.

Through Viatical Settlements, these people who are suffering and are all but abandoned by society after exhausting their assets, can live the balance of their lives with peace of mind, with modest abundance, great family memories, and certainly last, but not least, with dignity and joy in spite of their grief.

Even entertaining 12% to 100% returns for the investor that range from 12 months to 60 months, what better investment could be made?

All parties to Viatical Settlements eventually win!