Investing and … The Dogs of the Dow!


There is a way that you can build a reliable portfolio of stocks without worrying about doing a lot of research on individual stocks.

As a bonus, you’ll only need to spend less than an hour a year on your portfolio, and you’ll never own more than 12 stocks!

The result of this “auto-pilot” investment approach is a portfolio that will provide excellent returns, beating the market averages year in and year out.

All the stock market Indices are made up with only a few stocks.

After the market closes on the last trading day of the year, select up to 12 “index” stocks with the highest dividend yield.

Invest an equal amount of money in each of these stocks.

Hold these “Dogs of the Dow” stocks for a whole year and repeat the same action each and every year!

This method of investing is simple enough for everybody to follow.

OK! enough about the dogs!

Here come the “Puppies of the Dow”!

Follow the same method but, from the up to 12 chosen “dogs,” select half of them with the lowest stock price and hold them for a year also.

Historically, these two methods have outperformed the market…

But, keep in mind that this is a long term investment strategy!